Jozsef Miskolci

Introduction of a

DXN Networker

Who am I?
I’m Jozsef Miskolci, an electrical engineer from Hungary, Europe. I live with my lovely wife and our daughter the life of an average family who try to give the best to their beloved ones.

My Story

I always wanted to live a better life. I was learning hard to be an electrical technician.

I had a better life than others in the factory where I worked. But I saw the engineers had better life than me.
So, I was learning more hard in my evenings after work for years to be an electrical engineer.

I had a better life after that but I saw the professional network marketers have much more better life than me. Because they are real free.

That is the reason why I started to build my DXN business.

I want to be real free!


My Values & Beliefs


Be healthy and keep your health! We could do what we want only when we are healthy !


Be wealthy! Be rich! Keep your financial freedom in safe!


Be happy! Happiness come from freedom. If you have financial freedom, you can buy a house or a car to your family when you want. If you want to send your children to the best schools or want to travel around the world you can do it if you are real free,

My Goal

Real financial freedom

I want to have real financial freedom because that can give to my family the real safe in this World. Fortunately I found DXN which can solve all theese problems.

Real solution

When I met with DXN business I set my goals immediately. I wanted to multiple my income to be able to do only that I really want to do and  not just those things what my bosses want me to do for their money.

As I have gained experience in online networking, I am now looking for new partners among citizens of distant countries using the tools of our days. Thanks to this, consumers and network builders from over 180 countries around the world have joined us. I am not only looking for potential DXN customers, but I also have the tools to effectively support their new business start-ups, their first steps towards their own success.

My WhatsApp number: +36204768302

My DXN ID: 310023175

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